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Happy New Year with most extreme fetish platform steeletto heels in fairy garden

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Happy New Year 2015 to you!  and what about the first post this year with some more summerlike impressions in a Zaubergarten (fairy garden) with my amazing most extreme platform steeletto *Giraffe* heels with decent high style decadency ?

The related Videoclip with alot of fairytale to discover you will find in light-fetish Vip area, – well the newest videoclips more about snow and ice troubles for me and my suffering extreme highheels than sunny sunshine;) – anyway, more FREE preview of newest light-fetish Videoclips here–> light fetish new Video preview , enjoy!

Latex stockings mixed up with leather overknee stiletto boots, tight rubber skirts and lots of extreme high stiletto heels in full HD

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oh, it was such a nice Xmas time for me, so calm, alot of sleep and so peaceful – I hope you all had nice relaxed time to spend with people you love around you as well! Actually in a certain way I am still in a kind of Christmas holiday mood even though it is more likely autumn weather outide, – still  no snow in sight ( :(  ).   I had some more spare time these days so some *bugs* in memberarea were corrected- thanks alot for the hints! and I would appreciate you writing me if you discover any more…

Also I got a nice full HD video camcorder for doing some test filming at home – so there are  alot of little video clips made to find out the *behaviour* of the cam at different lights and  situations… This might become my new video cam for the next year but before buying I have to find out if it can focus well on latex, right? LOL. Well as people being into photography will know, actually it wasn´t a joke :). Well and as cleaning up some things in memberarea anyway, I uploaded a new full HD clip mix video now as well,- so check the specials please and tell me eventually what do you think of the quality in Full HD 1080 x 1920 px ^^ ? Hope you wont get distracted by all that weird mix of latex stockings and leather overknee stiletto boots mixed up with a tight rubber skirt and bare feet and lots of extreme stiletto heels as it is only and only about the picture quality of the video footage there of course :) – especially it is about the performance of the camera at mixed and bad lights – crucial for latex and highheel clips outdoor and in public where there is no controlled studio lights. As to me I would love to offer you videoclips in this size in the coming new year!

Latex stockings leather overknee stiletto boots tight rubber skirts extreme high stiletto heel collection

Latex stockings leather overknee stiletto boots tight rubber skirts extreme high stiletto heel collection

call it abstract (fetish) art-ig! abnormally extreme highheels rainbow our world

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If here is anybody reading having at least ONE day without rain the last weeks then you already have had better weather than here for sure- let´s say as my dog needs his twice daily walks there have not been a day we would have succeeded to come home dry! But on the other side when the Sun comes out then either directly while rain or even some minutes without – the rainbows are of a special beauty this season as well as you can see in the picture below ;)…

Oh ok this is not a real rainbow of course, for those who did not notice :). It is such an abnormally high platform shoe it is a piece of art itself – so crazy  I could not resist doing some abstract PAINTING directly on the picture as well… Worn inside only yet as it is simply too wet outdoors for precious shoe love <3 – but actually we do not think these really walkable anyway, right? – as here the platform is not made to make them less high but to add some more extreme to the extreme again :), WOW!  More pictures of these  – without pseudo abstract fetish art-ig then :) but showing more of them, not in ozone- green light only :), also more of my fine authentic full fashioned nylon stockings and the crazy dress- as well as a related videoclip in memberarea of (c) for download this update!

abnormally extreme platform highheels abstract fetish artig rainbow

abnormally extreme platform highheels abstract fetish artig rainbow

latex corset and stockings worn with extreme high heels as overknee boots in public

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Sounds so very heavy fetish at first but actually an appearence I think quite suitable even for being worn in public and I for sure am going to wear more often, though with some changes eventually. There are pointy and very high or even extreme high boots of course and some of them are really cute ( and I for sure will go for several of them by and by :) ) but a boot is hardly as tight at legs as one eventually would like it if having a similar plain :) vintage fetish influenced taste like mine… Do you remember the stories of ladies in 18th or 19 th century who let make – SEW! – their boots directly at their feet to have a perfect fit at the ankles and calves?  Well here a practicable and less expensive alternative- wearing perfect fit latex stockings with the same black shine pointy fetish fashion highheels  with 6 inch high heel and without platform – gosh call me hedonistic if you want to, but I really enjoyed the look of my calves in black shiny latex, the ankle outline and the black shiny highheel feet in that upright extreme position in the shop windows I passed by but it is not about me, it is that simple as already written, about black shine perfect fetish outline of this combination.

And today I would like to add, it is quite practical for the April-Weather outside right now too: not cooling down as if you wear latex alone directly on the skin,  heels high enough to get over puddles without getting your feet wet, latex stockings worn this *overknee-boot way* allow to see relaxed cars driving by and spraying the water all over you and your dog,  and a latex corset over coat does not mind some rain showers either.

Latex corset: fantasticrubber –>, extreme high heels by elite-heels–>  latex stockings fantasticrubber–>, more photos of this and a related videoclip in memberarea of –> LiFetishSTYLE.

fetish hedonism of extreme highheels live vs nature photography

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I won´t be online for long tonight but even for this I have to warn those accessing my free member webcam tonight – I am indulging particulary my hedonistic *fetish* for extreme highheels such an intense way tonight you should not access it untill you are really into extreme high stiletto heels without platform as well; but if you are, welcome to the hell you will not want to leave ;) :). To have an antipode some new sweet innocent nature photographs posting here tonight – today it was a mix of rain and sun and everything here exactly a way you imagine April to be… by the way, I saw today where the rainbow ends!

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April 20, 2012 at 00:08

new 6 inch high heel creations on candid webcam

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Though it is Saturday today and I am supposed not to be at computer saturdays I HAD to go online with my webcam now to show off these brand new breathtaking highheel creations by – otherwise I might burst! :).  So doing it candid, so to say :) – and here also two fast photo impressions from both 6 inch high class stiletto heels too,  – the impecable blue sole of the not-walked-yet one and a very very special detail of the other pair- the extreme high heel cannot be put on or removed without the key! – but I will do some more snapshots showing more of these and a video live footage for uploading them in memberarea  as well!!!

My new beautiful extreme high special arch 6ihf mules- snow white in autumn

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Look at my new amazing extreme high stiletto mules with special arch by Peter Chu 6inchforever! First I thought it might be too much white for my Autumn-time-perception- I do not want the Winter to come yet at all ;), and don´t you have kind of pictures in your head of what every season might be like as to light and colours? – –  but this kind of *snow-white*  might really be ok for me :). Well why shouldn´t be sexy very high heeled shoes a reason to look forwards to snow – even if worn barelegs :).

white high arch extreme highheel mules 6inchforever bare legs highstyle in public

white high arch extreme highheel mules 6inchforever bare legs highstyle


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