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so beautiful, well – high heel or latex fetishes :)

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So beautiful high heels, so beautiful latex corset :) Well if high heel or latex fetish is considered to be something pervert or dirty in pejorative sense  then at least I am not able to recognize what´s bad about it.

<3 <3 <3 High Heels: Di Marni, latex corset: FantasticRubber, more photos and video  in memberarea (c)

hot, hotter – latex miniskirt with wolford fatal (and gml steeletto ankle boots)

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What a great way to make this extreme tight and short latex skirt more appropriate for wear public- LOL- adding even a hotter seamless pantyhose by wolford – so those who do not know will not notice rubber beeing even slightly see through here LOL. Also, more seriously: what an interesting change has happened in the last years concerning platform high heels: hardly an out-of-bedroom-shoewear some time ago but now,  even when quite high, well quite fetish heels – just look at these ultra thin steel heels of my hot gianmarco lorenzi booties – feeling very *appropriate, don´t they? ;).

latex skirt:, seamless pantyhose: wolford fatal, ankle high steel stiletto boots: Gianmarco Lorenzi.

ablemen trading co shoes: extreme high vintage fetish orsay stiletto heels

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as requested here some pictures of my *passed* over 6 inch high (not sure but though slightly too large for me, appr. EU 41-41,5 , I believe they weren´t 7 inch but I did not measure) ablemen orsay high heels. Actually never worn- in sense of walked as I wanted them be kept in this wonderful condition and so only showed off in these pictures and no video was filmed with these.  What I really regret now and you can bet I have learned now: take photos and at least one videoclip as soon as possible of any of those beautiful shoes you get, LOL…  but at least we have these photos, enjoy :).

invisible 6ihf ultra high stiletto heels mystery

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OMG, if I wear high heels and nobody knows, is this as if I was barefeet? At these temperatures! (It was colder today again). Do you recognize how deeply philosophical ideas high heels might bear? LOL.
So there is neither a video nor any photos of shoes respectively me doing a nice springtime walk with my dog on those today. Very hedonistic of me, I guess. But this is exactly what high heels are about, aren´t they? LOL.
But beeing very nice tonight (very easy to get me like that, just say me what I want to hear LOL)- here some photos of those *invisible* mystery shoes from a photoshoot some weeks ago.
the golden ultra high stiletto heels are  by, clip and more pictures of those check the –> first update of March 2011

scream steel stiletto heels & kneelenght vinyl skirt countryside

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well, for a town girl enjoying a walk at the countryside, it might bear some suprising moments. the cows stared at me like they haven´t ever seen anybody trippling on 6 inch steel heeled heels resp. a really tight hobble style skirt before. so flattering! :D :D

latex catsuit by and high heels

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.. the same outfit as  exploring the hotel last week and making it my catwalk LOL -(you´ll find the video clip in ->memberarea )-  and the same outfit right now live at free member online webcam … may be changing heels later but my skintight –> latex catsuit is quite perfect just the way it is :)

summer 6inch heels in snow

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Am I really so naive to write about Summer as yesterday? ( I am) – Well, was summer spelled like that? don´t remember anymore, must be long time ago I knew what it means… well the right time to post a brand new- today- out-of-the cam- picture of my summer heels (sumer?somer?sammer? ^^ ;) ) again- nothing has changed as you see! the same balcony, the same shoes, the same legs! –> summer 6 inch heels

.. oh no, there is a difference!!!!!

.. no anklet today! it was cold enough within 30 seconds without steel around my ankles as well! enjoy the white purple blue skin colour LOL

Black Widow high heel & nylon glamour with latex corset

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Wishing glamour lady cooking in your kitchen? Well, there is always a fly in the ointment, there will be a reason she´s wearing styles of  high heels you might like, LOL. So come home, darling, your dinner is …prepared ;).

High Heels:, La-piazza, Gianmarco Lorenzi
Pantyhose: Wolford Fatal Glamour, Dress: Dolce & Gabbana
Latex Corset:, free snapshot pics from video clip–> (c)

ganz artig ;) – eine schöne weihnachtszeit und tolle geschenke für uns alle ;) :)

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Frohe Weihnachten:)

Merry Xmas:)

Joyeux Noël :)

Vrolijk Kerstfeest :)

fetish art (ig)

fetish role model: barbie and her extreme high heels

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actually we all knew it but it is fun to see it confirmed again: barbie must be a complete high heel fetishist- obviously it is even about EXTREME high heels for her: just look at these shoes here- did not pick out anything special for these photos, it was just a short glimpse in a  normal toy shop! and those shoes are very high without doubts- at one pair we might even speak about a 6 inch heel or higher (without a platform) considering the position of her feet! And she obviously can walk these, which is remarkable. also, note the shiny leggings (latex? metallic lycra? may be even a catsuit!) and BDSM elements in her outfit ^^ … nice to discover such a pervert related soul there outside, right? LOL

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December 14, 2010 at 23:10


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